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Classic cars on the Gate Streets at Gloucester Goes Retro

The Gate Streets

The Best car show in the west


The Gate Streets are the heart of your journey through a 100 years of vintage motoring, from the birth of the combustion engine through the glamour of 50s chrome, to the classic designs of the swinging 60s, groovy 70s, futuristic 80s and beyond. There's also the Restoration Village at the Folk of Gloucester, street performers, fabulous cafes and pubs, and much more.


Westgate Street - 1900-1959

Explore this historic street, the gateway to Gloucester Cathedral, and take in the display of cars from the birth of motoring up to the golden age of gleaming chrome and Hollywood Glamour.

Don't miss our 1930/40s ballroom pair, stepping out of their life-size black and white TV, to Charleston with you!

Meet the Greaser, our resident 50s mechanic. She'll be fixing cars, whether they need it or not!

Eastgate Street - The swinging sixties

On this stylish street, groove into the 1960s, teaming with iconic cars from the era and flower power fashions on display.


Peace out with a host of hippies, floating around the street. They might know how to mellow out, but do they even know where they are?

Northgate Street - 1970-1989

Don those flares and get your jive on as you explore classic 70s cars. Or go full 'Stranger Things' with autos from 80s.

Don't get run over by the Queen of the Roller Disco, as she parties and invites you to throw shapes!


80s Hip-Hop on the boombox - check. And they've got the parachute pants. Watch out for our classic break-dancers!

SOUTHGATE Street - The Nineties & Y2K

The nineties and Y2K are back, and not just on TikTok! Jump back into the era of Cool Britannia for a big punch of nostalgia, with displays of cars that might've been your first (and obviously favourite). 

All cars will be available to peruse from 10am on Saturday 26 August.

THE FOLK GOES RETRO - Restoration Village

If you explore down to the bottom of Westgate Street, you'll find the Folk, who are turning the Courtyard of their amazing medieval building into a retro garage for the day, accompanied by a DJ spinning classic tracks from the 50s and 60s! Pop down, grab a coffee from their café or a drink from their bar, and take in some amazing cars.


With Retroclassic Engineering see the work that goes into restoring a car and how a car looks once freshly painted. Peruse the host of recently restored cars in the Courtyard. Experts will be on hand to offer advice about mechanical, bodywork, paint and what products you can use for your own projects.

Local charity Starter Motor will also be showcasing how they give young people the opportunity to work with classic cars and the motor industry. Come along and see the cars in their collection and find out more about their work.

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