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Do not forget to interact with our amazing street entertainers when you see them. This year we have an ecclectic mix of characters coming to you from a range of eras.

 The Sk8ties 

Bringing you ..... The Sk8ties, a roller skating 80s duo ramped to the wristbands with enthusiasm and oozing neon flare.

This skillful , comical pair of eager racing roller razzers are perfect to lift anyone’s spirits and get the party started. Fun and engaging to watch in awe, or perfect to dance and shimmy on down to with their cheesy 80s power ballads.

Dodgy Boys

You want cars, we can get you any motor you want within 24 hours (ignore the broken glass in the footwell). Just visit the ‘in jacket’ car lot and make your choice. You want protection, we can offer the boys to get the job sorted. You need cash, we've always got work for lads who are a bit handy, and classy girls down at our club, the Twisted Knife in Shoreditch.

Always looking to turn a few bob, Ron and Don bring a bit of class and respectability to any event. If we like it we’ll make an offer (you can’t refuse) to take it over for you.

The Be Prepared Girl Guides 
Be enthused by the terribly terribly jolly Girl Guide duo ‘Val Keen’ and ‘Babs Eager’. With their jangling kit and ‘be prepared’ PMA (positive mental attitude), Val and Babs engage the public in achieving their SWANK GUIDES badges. Whether 'Ging Gang Goolying', ‘’Fit for Anything’ or simply 'Doing My Best', everyone is a badge winner and enjoys the ridiculous and hilarious badge presentation ceremony.

The Wardens 
No one is safe! They have been empowered with the jurisdiction to enforce any rule or law they see fit. These may include: breathing too loudly, walking on the cracks in the pavement without a permit, walking without due care and attention, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling or humming an infectious song, walking whilst using a mobile phone, or stopping in a no stopping area. Anything with wheels can fall foul of bad parking, speeding, balding tyres or simply be pulled over for a random safety check. Watch out or you may find that you end up with a ticket!

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